Let’s memorize the six basic types of personality checks. [Palmistry self-study] 性格チェック6つの基本型

Palmistry 手相

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Let’s memorize the six basic types of personality checks. [Palmistry self-study]

Today, I’m going to write down 6 ways to check your personality.
from here··


A●Big, fles

C●Long, slender hands

D●It is vertically long and the sushi flakes are noticeable.

E●Flat, angular hands

F●Plump hands with long fingertips


■The hand with the thumbs on top is a passive hand, so

For selling points that look at innate temperament, look here.

A●Big, fleshy right hand

People with large, thick palms and thick fingers are energetic optimists.

Aga is ignorant of the subtleties of humanity, so there is no place for delicacy.

However, I am a person who gets the job done without complaining.

This type of person has a short gun, so his palms are simple and have few wrinkles.

There seem to be no lines other than the basic line.

It is characterized by clear lines.

B●Small, fragile hands

I am an inspirational person with a rich imagination.

The hands are small and cone-shaped, becoming thinner towards the tip.

It is a type of handprint that is common among women, and they are not strong in green, but have delicate nerves.

He is a person with great power and inspiration.

There are some unrealistic aspects, I am not good at new special accounts, and I prefer practical work.

I am able to do creative work that takes advantage of inspiration.

In this handprint, the thin line is the rectum and the palm has many wrinkles.

You will see lines running in different directions.


C●Long, slender hands

I’m a sensitive person and a romantic who gets easily hurt.

The fingers and palms are long and thin, and the hands are smooth and supple.

He was sickly as a child and has a constitution that makes him easily tired.

Artistic and graceful with delicate and vulnerable nerves

I’m a romantic who loves the world.

Since he is introverted and sensitive, he is not persistent and will cause damage to his new intentions.

I’m concerned about how easy it is to receive it.

The gentle palms have intricate lines, but the lines are clear.

Therefore, it is easy to distinguish.


D●It is vertically long and the sushi flakes are noticeable.

The joints of the fingers are so thin that they stand out, but the thinness of the flesh is

Meshowarimi is not particularly blessed with stamina, but

He is a healthy person with no known illnesses.


Let’s memorize the six basic types of personality checks. [Palmistry self-study]


Basic things to understand yourself through palm reading

I’ll teach you.

Knowing your personality will help you study palm reading.

It’s going to be important.

Let’s take a look at this shape.

I have a very strong intellectual curiosity and research things that interest me more than most people.

It can be said that you are enthusiastic and have a good brain power.

People’s likes and dislikes are intense, and only those who forgive their feelings can do so.

He is a person who does not speak his true feelings.

There are so many complicated lines on the palm of your hand, and each line is

It is deeply engraved.


E●Flat, angular hands

If your hands are angular, square, large, thick and flat,

It has a sturdy skeleton, is resistant to disease, and is resistant to fraud.

There are worldly officials who do not forgive.

He is a serious person, passionate and enthusiastic about his work.

The weak point is that Yuzu doesn’t listen and overlooks the wrong things.

He is a stubborn person who cannot do anything.

The lines on the palm are fewer and the lines are thinner.

The shape of the basic line is also direct.


F●Plump hands with long fingertips

The hands become plump and elastic, and the hills of the hands develop.

People with long, slender fingertips are people who like companionship and are good at playing.

A lonely person who hates being alone and always seeks a bright and fun atmosphere.

However, on the other hand, I am a person who gets bored easily and lacks warmth and strength.

Work that gives people joy and satisfaction, such as in the service industry,

He’s the right person.

I’m a sensitive person, and there are many fine lines on the temples of my hands.


Just looking at the words and lines of the hands in a rough way like this can make a person feel better.

You will understand.

I think it’s better to know than not know.

There are only six basics, so please remember them.

I believe that interacting with people will be useful to you.